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Failing Successfully: SEO failure stories to learn from

We at SE Ranking are sure that success comes through trial and error. This month, we asked you to share some memorable stories of your SEO and digital marketing failures. And you did! To let […] The post Failing Successfully:

SE Ranking Updates: October 2020

Halloween is over and we want to thank all of you for participating in our little game and catching scary—to be honest, cute scary—creatures in SE Ranking. On another note, you might have noticed some […] The post SE Ranking

Robots.txt file: What it is, how to set it up, how to check it

A robots.txt file is a text document that’s located in the root directory of a site that contains information intended for search engine crawlers about which URLs—that house pages, files, folders, etc.—should be crawled and […] The post Robots.txt file:

SE Ranking updates: September 2020

Many of you joined us last week to celebrate Google’s birthday and other joyous occasions. But creating fun tasks and sending out cool presents wasn’t our only concern during this month. We also worked on […] The post SE

The ultimate guide to guest posting

Anybody who has ever written a piece of content knows how much time it takes to craft a quality blog post. But why would you offer somebody else to publish an insightful article you’ve been […] The post The

The mechanics behind keyword clustering

Keyword research is the primary task of any SEO strategy and besides finding the most profitable keywords you can rank for, there’s a whole deal of work that goes into analyzing them before putting them […] The post The mechanics

How to create and optimize a single-page website

There are different types of websites—media, entertainment, ecommerce, business, etc.—each with its typical structure and approach to design and SEO. Sometimes, it suffices to have just one page on a website—for example, to represent a […] The post How

Useful widgets for websites

Many websites have limited functionality for one reason or another, with the main one being the use of templates that require you to do some additional research and work if you want to customize them […] The post Useful widgets

Proven methods for protecting content from being copied

Images, texts, and videos have always been and will be copied. No website owner can prevent content theft.  Sure, you can try to beat thieves to the punch by protecting your content or by relying […] The post Proven methods

Patchwriting or paraphrasing plagiarism and how to avoid it

Google algorithms are constantly being improved and updated with the ultimate goal of providing people with search results that are as useful and as relevant as possible. And when it comes to search engines’ ranking […] The post Patchwriting or

Setting up ads on Google Maps

Each of us has probably Googled at least once the address of a place to check where it’s located on the map and find out how to get there or take a virtual tour of […] The post Setting up

SE Ranking updates: July 2020

It seems like it was only yesterday that our platform got a new and even more user-friendly look, but with July passing us by in the blink of an eye, it’s time to share yet […] The post SE Ranking

Website security 101: keeping your website safe from hackers

From moats, tall towers, and drawbridges to iron doors and battlements, castles in medieval times took a number of protective measures. Website security today is much the same—several layers of defense secure a website from […] The post Website security

Understanding CSS and JavaScript SEO

As an SEO specialist, you don’t really need to tap into all of the intricacies of website development. But you do need to know the basics, since the way a website is coded has a […] The post Understanding CSS

How page title and description tags help in SEO

The title tag and meta description are basic but core elements of SEO. And because Google tends to use meta tag content to generate snippets, they can have a direct impact on the searchers’ decision […] The post How page

Finding out what keywords your website ranks for

At some point, anyone working with a website is bound to ask one big question: What keywords do I rank for? When working with a client website, one of the first things you do as […] The post Finding out

Moving to HTTPS in 5 steps

Back in 2014, HTTPS encryption became one of Google’s ranking factors and Chrome has been marking all HTTP websites as not secure since July 2018. Mozilla, Safari, and even Microsoft Edge followed the lead, so […] The post Moving to

Google Ads and other data used in SE Ranking

If you want to get positive results from your digital organic and advertising campaigns on Google, you must first understand what your customers need, and secondly, match it with your promo activities. Although measuring what […] The post Google Ads

Understanding long-tail keywords to gain an SEO advantage

Anyone who has ever conducted keyword research is well aware of the term “long-tail keywords”. But at the same time, it may not be crystal clear to everyone what they really are.  Do long-tail keywords […] The post Understanding long-tail

Understanding the value of the referring domain metric

In spite of some controversy around the impact of backlinks in the post-Penguin world, most experts agree that quality backlinks do make a difference. If you believe in the power of backlinks, you should be […] The post Understanding the

Getting ready for chasing Google sitelinks

Sitelinks have been around for over ten years helping users navigate to important sections of a website right from the SERP. You surely have seen sitelinks before—they are those links below the Google search result […] The post Getting ready

How to keep your SEO afloat during website redesign

We all know it’s wrong to judge by appearances, but this rule doesn’t apply to your website. There is no room for ifs or buts here—to help your business grow, your website needs to look […] The post How to

SE Ranking updates: February 2020

Although winter is coming to an end, you hopefully still have time to build one more snowman to close the season off with a bang! But if you’re looking to do something that doesn’t depend […] The post SE Ranking

Keeping or skipping www in your domain name

When you type a website name into the browser address bar, do you ever start with www? Can you tell whether Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are www or non-www? Don’t worry if you can’t […] The post Keeping or